Karmic strings

May be
You and me
Are free as a bird
Soaring up high unarmoured
Much closer
Much happier
Tied together
In an altar

May be
You and me
Are connected
Through our karmic strings
Undetected yet present
That makes us whole
With love and hope

May be
You and me
Are us
In some parallel universe


May be
Once again
I see no reality
Just stuck with my illusions
Where your love
Never cease to be

When childhood is denied

These tiny buds
Radiating from the shell
Ready and steady
To blossom and dwell

Yet, time spares none
Plucked in the bun
Exploited and deprived
Childhood is denied.

With opportunities missed
Laughter dismissed
These little angles
Are trapped in the cages.

Do not diminish their light
Before it’s dawn
Please let them grow
And experience every fall

Do not cut their roots
Before it blooms
For they are the fruits
And our future tributes

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Well! I have been avoiding this topic for a long time. I thought of it being too complex to delve into, since every individual might have different opinions about it. It sounded like a wide concept to discuss. But having given a thought it is quite simple with no complexity whatsoever.

It’s as simple as understanding a definition of a word from a dictionary. Oh yes! It is.

To be precise according to Cambridge Dictionary feminism is (I quote)- ” the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power, and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way”

I.e. an organised effort to give women the same economic, social, and political right as men.

Wasn’t it simple?

But there are people who without understanding the above which clearly says that feminism is talking about women rights and it does not support male bashing in any way, give their opinions.

It is rightly said half knowledge is worse than no knowledge.

So I hope by the end of this article many of you will have a clear concept about what you were talking all this while.

Let’s talk about what feminism is not.

1. Firstly it does not focus on female superiority. It just advocates about women’s right. That’s all.

For example: almost every where women are underpaid compared to the male employee having the same job position with same working hours. That’s what it fights for. TO BE EQUALLY PAID.

2. Next is the most annoying assumption is that feminism voices male bashing. Where on earth did that come from.? It combats the thought process of demeaning one gender. IT’S AGAINST GENDER STEREOTYPE. Simple. Men are definitely able bodied and when they use it in an aggressive, cold manner that’s when the society is harmed. So we say use it for the betterment of the group that’s being harmed for ages.

3. Next is quite interesting. Have you ever made fun of men when they wore a pink shirt? Have you mocked people when they are too feminine. Well that’s what it fights for. Feminism does not associate things like pink colour with women. As a matter of fact we do not associate cars and pants with men as well. It believes in balancing the societal views.

For example: if a women wears pink and is a stay at home mom that doesn’t make her less of a feminist. If she dislikes pink and is focused towards career that shouldn’t either. STOP JUDGING THEIR WORTH BASED ON GENDER.

4. Well men shouldn’t cry. Or the women shouldn’t get into armed forces. These are your thoughts, is it? Then this is what feminism is against. Why should all men be same. Why cant they cry or be sensitive. Similarly, why cant women be in an armed force and fight. Why cant she be stronger. It’s absolutely the individual’s choice and therefore feminism DOESN’T SAY EVERYONE SHOULD BE SAME. When our faces aren’t same how can we expect our personalities to be same.

We are given our masculinity and feminity from birth. But you shouldn’t feel any pressure to perform in any one way just because our patriarchy society says so.

For example: women shouldn’t drink(that’s my favourite stereotype ever, but who cares what few bunch of idiot thinks anyway)

5. This one is quite astonishing since it effects a huge number of people (I have encountered quite a lot of people being victim to this). So let me first clear that being LGBTQ is NOT, i repeat, is NOT A BAD THING. Be proud of who you are (you are much better than these low lives passing judgements). Secondly there is no relation between being a feminist and having a specific sexual orientation.

Why do women or for that matter any one needs a validation to live in the way he or she wants.

Feminist women are most of the time considered lesbians because of the ‘man hating thing”. That’s not true because we do like men. And by now you already know feminism does not vouch male hate. So not all of the feminist are lesbians.

Having said the above, I want to clear a few things as well.

Most people have this wrong conceptualisation about feminism because many women use this term in a wrong context. Like men should open the door, men are supposed to carry weights etc. feminism on the other hand does not force any kind of behaviour an individual does not want to do.

It talks about equal rights and not gender reinforcement.

Do not confuse it with feminazis. They are the ones who do not understand the concept of feminism and force their opinions and are focused on man hating problems. They do not balance out the society they are the chaos which should be avoided without paying much attention.

A true feminist will never:

-blame the patriarchy for her failures (inspite of having opportunities)

-mix up social inequalities with biological differences. She understands some biological differences are bound to be there.

-fails to acknowledge that other gender too faces inequalities at some levels and makes sure her feminism doesn’t create further tensions.

-most importantly she doesn’t misuse the law made for the betterment of her gender.

Feminism is not about complaining or fuels any negative credits. It inspires people, gives them hope.

Note: it is because of feminism that women can vote, advance in workplace, take action if mistreated, expect sexual partners to understand consent and do things which previously women could not.

Just an equal place beside men.

Wasn’t that difficult to understand, was it?

“Just so you know there is a word for people who criticises, judges or gives advice outside his or her area of expertise- its called ultracrepidarian or an asshole. Oops I shouldn’t cuss since I am a woman, isn’t it?

My feeble voice

I wish to be a beauty
Oh yes! A Sleeping Beauty
Says the little voice inside me
To be an absentee
In the world with apathy.

Surrending to the night queen
I wish no Valentin
To rescue me from the slumber
With the kiss of a lover.

For the world is a mess
With no recess
Drowning absurdly
In melancholy.

My feeble voice


You carved me

From parts of you

Bearing the changes

Which was difficult to get through.

From the morning sickness

To the hormonal changes

You endured it all

Like an enjoyable protocol.

You kept me safe

Like a guardian angel

To blossom and bloom

In that sweet little womb.

You nourished me

Nutured me

Gave your all

Just to mould me

Into an image quite strong.

I remember

How you fought for me

Despite all odds

How you stood by me.

You are my strength

My hope

Where love envelopes

And despair elopes.

Your cuddles help me sleep

Your words stops my weep

No matter what I say

You are my get away

From my hellish dismay.

Sorry maa

For your sleepless nights


For all uncalled for fights.

And thank you

For you are a rock star

In my bizarre world

You are my lodestar.

Got nothing to repay

Your unconditional love


“I love you maa”

That’s all I have, to convey




Altering choices

You were born

Was that your choice?

Born with a silver spoon

Was that your choice?

Spoon that keeps you ignorant of what hunger feels like.

Well that wasn’t your choice either.

You are kept warm ,unknown to freezing cold ,you know what a fire place looks like ,right?

Unfortunately, these are the choices that you did not make. You were blessed with these privileges.

However there are many who work hard and only then can they peak at those luxuries that you enjoy just because you were born with it. And many don’t even get a peak at it.

They say

“Born poor or unprivileged is not a choice

But dying one is.”



“Born rich and privileged is not a choice either

But being kind is”

All I am trying to say is value what you got an always remember that not every one is lucky enough to have what you have.

There are many who would love to exchange places with you

So be humble and be kind.

That is what we can choose to be and that is what will eventually make us privileged.


Secret tale

In the wilderness of the nobility

You enchanted me

Where my heart gave away

The secrets unsuitable

For civility.

Your eyes raptured

The veins of my desire

Into an erupting fire.

Your hands

Healed the wounds

Invisible to the naked eyes

That had no cries

But only sighs

Sighs of love and wait

Wait to exhale

The fragrance of our secret tale.

Tale that desires

To conquer more

Not just perish

Like some ancient folklore.