A man’s quandary 

We live in a standardized  society or say community. What is  society actually? To be precise with the Oxford definition society is  “The aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community”  or ” An organization  or a club formed for a particular purpose or activity”.

Have you ever wondered :

what this “purpose” is?

who or what suggest the order of the community and it’s ways?

Why does it has to  be the way  it is?

What  if people don’t want to  live in this superficial and complex dynamics of this world?

What  if there are  people who  itch to go  back  to  their nativity rather than being  in this ordered alienated society?

I sometimes wonder that a plight  of a modern man in this hostile universe sometimes results in the creation of a fictional  world.

Every thing that  we are  surrounded with was made with a purpose and the same goes for the society  that we live in. The only one offering  that it has to  give us is a meaning  to  our  life of course in an organized manner.

But somehow I fail to  see that  happening. With the advanced technology and modernisation caving in,  modern man is still subjugated to the rootlessness and meaningless life.

Continuous fight:

People all around the globe are fighting for their desire to live a life they find solace in.

Some are  fighting  the world,  where as some are  at war with themselves. There is some perennial dilemma that a man wants to plumb out.

As u are reading this,somewhere in the world there are women who are  fighting  this very same society  for their rights.

Rights???  What rights exactly?

Right  to live , to  survive with honor and respect.  Right  to  have the same moral turpitude  as those  enjoyed  by  others.

Then there are  people who are fighting for love. In India lovers fight for love over religion.

In Hongkong and many  other countries people fought  for equal pay for both men and women. Some are still  fighting.

In European countries until 1965 women were not  allowed to  work  without their husband’s permission.
Recently in the Middle East women got right  of suffrage after a prolonged struggle.

In many  countries LGBT community  are  held taboo even  in the 21 st centuary.

There  are  lot  of  atrocities that  people fight  every day to  live the life as they  want.

Who are  they  against?  The society…  Who  made  this society?  We…

Then why  are we fighting  with ourselves?  I always fail to  understand this.

There is a war that a man faces. A war to live life as he aspires or to  submit to  the societal afflictions.

Why do we fail to understand the obvious:

The irony  is that this continuous  struggle of a man to give his estranged life a sense of belongingness is with the same society that  we are a significant part of.














According to  one novelist this lack  of questioning and living the life getting sucked into the sleep walking mass  may  be due to  moral inertia or flabbiness which gives  them all the grandeur and all the emptiness of hypnotized people.


People in most  countries  like India live on an ad-hoc  values based on opportunism. This problem has to  be resolved from within.

Everything requires an order and some norms to  sustain in a way as expected but amidst all these rigid societal norms we fail to see what dehumanizing impact those industrial modernised world has in an individual who is eager to reaffirm the value of life.

We all have different  approaches towards various aspects of life.  All we need  to  do is bring  together our perspective with much harmony with a sole purpose of living life and not  just  surviving.

Today  I chose to write on my predicament which  I assume many  of you feel.

Sometimes  I feel  like a dull school girl who is stuck with the same unanswerable question. Who wants peace,  capacity to love and courage to live life on her own terms .

Our entire life is geared on pleasing  someone or the other.  For once  in life I would love to  dileaniate my  predicament and confide my  perennial outsider and give meaning  to  my  life.

P. S: keep fighting the odds and take control of the wheels of your life.  Keep  the hope alive always. (refer my  blog on hope https://uncharteredmusings.wordpress.com/2017/12/26/hope/)


3 thoughts on “A man’s quandary 

  1. Very beautifully describes the plight of the mango person.
    Unless the purpose of one’s existence is sorted out the perplexity will sustain.


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